Save the Date! CGVRI 2022 Dates Announced


Students who attended CGVRI 2021 had this to say:

"Ken did a great job of taking us through how to find land records on the website. I liked his thoroughness. I didn't have to take a lot of notes because he was so good." 

"Janice was a great presenter and her slides were detailed and informational. I enjoyed learning from Janice." 

"Found the census presentation very interesting and helpful in the later period of time. The notarial records was a subject I was wanting to learn about; so very useful. Johanne was easy to listen to, added a variety of tidbits and explained clearly and in an organized manner." 

"I am absolutely amazed at the amount of information Kathryn can present to us on such a wide range of topics. As always the presentations were useful, interesting and organized and the lists of websites and books suggested were awesome." 

"Tracey is quite knowledgeable and coveys her information in an enthusiastic way. Enjoyed learning about New France's land records information. I have come across notarial records before but did not know what to do with them so that was very helpful." 

"My biggest takeaway from this year is how great the records are in Quebec and Ontario. I appreciated all the time it took to prepare these presentations. I can't wait to do research." 

"I am impressed, especially with it being the first one! If I didn't know it was the first year, I never would have guessed. It went just as smoothly and I learned just as much as at the larger, long running institutes. Kudos!" 

With the success of CGVRI 2021, directors Christine Woodcock and Kathryn Lake Hogan announce the expansion of Canadian Genealogical Virtual Research Intensive to four courses in 2022. Details about the courses will be announced in January. 

In the meantime, the dates have been set for next year. 

Mark your calendar and save these dates.

Week 1: 7-12 Aug 2022

Week 2: 21-26 Aug 2022

Registration opens May 1, 2022.