Call for Proposals 2022

Proposals for Courses  

Canadian Genealogical Virtual Research Intensive is Canada’s only week-long genealogy research institute. We specialize in offering in-depth genealogy research courses with Canadian content taught by instructors who are Canadian and/or currently reside in Canada. 

CGVRI is now accepting proposals for 2022, 2023 and beyond. For Summer 2022, final decisions will be made in late November 2021. 
2022 Courses will be announced in January. 

Dates for CGVRI 2022 will be August 7-12, 2022 and August 21-26, 2022. There will be a minimum of four courses offered in total for 2022.

Each course consists of a total of 15 sessions (three per day.)
Each session is 90 minutes in length (55-60 minutes instruction, 30-35 minutes in-class activity / assignment, and discussion). 

If you are interested in being a CGVRI Course Coordinator, please submit a proposal that includes the following information: 
1. Course Coordinator: name and contact information
2. Full Course Title
3. Short Course Title (for marketing and publicity)
4. Level: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced
5. Full Course Description
6. Course Prerequisites (if any)
7. List of Sessions per Day (Monday through Friday, minimum of 15 sessions, 90 minutes per session) including a short description. Click here to see descriptions of course for 2021.
8. Potential in-class activities or assignments per session.
9. Names of instructors who might be teaching in your course (this is not a commitment).
10. Any special requirements needed for your course.
11. Why this course is needed and should be taught at CGVRI (such as the need for the course, who would benefit from this course, and how it differs from existing courses). 

• Your bio and photo.
• Year you are interested in coordinating a course at CGVRI.
• Have you presented this course previously at other institutes or is it scheduled to be presented at future institutes? If so, where and when? 

Suggested topics for CGVRI include but are not limited to:
• Researching in a particular province or region
• Specific records groups used in Canada and/or province such as government records, military/militia records, court records, land records
• Methodology courses with emphasis on using Canadian and/or provincial record groups 

Visiting the websites of some of the other genealogical research institutes may provide ideas and inspiration.

Email your proposal to CGVRI Directors at

Not ready to coordinate a full course but interested in teaching a session? Let us know by sending us an email with your bio and genealogical experience, the title and description of the session you want to teach. 

Deadline for 2022 Course Proposals is Monday, November 15, 2021.

Future proposals are accepted throughout the year but must be submitted by October 31st to be considered for the following year.